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How to Install Istio on K8S with Helm?

Istio is an open source service mesh platform that provides a way to control how microservices share data with one another.

Download Istio

curl -L | ISTIO_VERSION=1.6.8 TARGET_ARCH=x86_64 sh -

and cd directory

cd istio-1.11.3

Install Istio with Helm

Create istio-system namespace in k8s

kubectl create namespace istio-system

Install the Istio base chart which contains cluster-wide resources used by the Istio control plane:

  helm install istio-base manifests/charts/base -n istio-system

Install the Istio discovery chart which deploys the istiod service:

helm install istiod manifests/charts/istio-control/istio-discovery -n istio-system

Install the Istio ingress gateway chart which contains the ingress gateway components:

helm install istio-ingress manifests/charts/gateways/istio-ingress -n istio-system

Verifying the installation

Ensure all Kubernetes pods in istio-system namespace are deployed and have a STATUS of Running:

  kubectl get pods -n istio-system

If occurs error, please check this doc Install Istio with Helm

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