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Installing Istio for Knative

Installing Istio with sidecar injection

If you want to enable the Istio service mesh, you must enable automatic sidecar injection. The Istio service mesh provides a few benefits:

  • Allows you to turn on mutual TLS, which secures service-to-service traffic within the cluster.
  • Allows you to use the Istio authorization policy, controlling the access to each Knative service based on Istio service roles.
Enable sidecar container on knative-serving system namespace
  kubectl label namespace knative-serving istio-injection=enabled
Set PeerAuthentication to PERMISSIVE on knative-serving system namespace by creating a YAML file using the following template:
apiVersion: ""
kind: "PeerAuthentication"
  name: "default"
  namespace: "knative-serving"
    mode: PERMISSIVE
Apply the YAML file by running the command:
  kubectl apply -f filename.yaml
Updating the config-istio configmap to use a non-default local gateway

If you create a custom service and deployment for local gateway with a name other than knative-local-gateway, you need to update gateway configmap config-istio under the knative-serving namespace.

1- Edit the config-istio configmap:

  kubectl edit configmap config-istio -n knative-serving

If occurs error, following link Knative DOC